AYE pre-conference day

I hadn't originally planned to attend the Sunday tutorial as it meant I would lose yet another day away from my family, but Alan persuaded me otherwise (pointing me at some very complimentary reviews from previous years). I'm glad he did: it really deepened my existing (albeit mostly theoretical) knowledge of tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Satir's interaction model and Satir's change model. At the end of the day we discussed congruent behaviour and coping stances with examples provided by a bizarre (but effective) set of masked visitors for which Esther Derby deserves an acting award of some kind!
After the tutorial there was a pre-conference dinner in which I took the opportunity to sit next to The Great Man (!) Jerry Weinberg. He had some nice words to say about XP and a lot of amusing anecdotes to share: it was a fabulous way to wrap up the day.