The "Birds-Of-a-Feather" group to be at on Monday evening was the Agile BOF: a dozen or so of us got together to eat pizza, swap ideas, and discuss what an AYE-Agile attractor might look like. Roughly half of us had actual Agile project experience (or more, if you count years of experience and take Jeff McKenna's into account!), and running the evening as a goldfish bowl panel allowed everyone a chance to contribute to the discussion. Several attendees asked what the clear distinction is between TDD, XP and Agile, but the discussion also wandered into topics such as the difference in team dynamic, technical architecture, and ROI in Agile projects. It was nice to hear the enthusiastic point of views of people that I haven't met before (such as John Brewer), as well as indulging my own passion for evangelising the benefits of Agile methods.