Agile is not a product

I love this post from Ken Schwaber on the scrumdevelopment Yahoo group (thanks for passsing it on, Laura!): I believe that Agile is part of a social revolution to help people learn together to collaboratively figure out how to work and live in an increasingly complex world. Agile is an attitude, not a product. Agile is spirituality, not a religion. We don't have to sell it as a product. We don't have to evangelize it. We simply (and with difficulty) have to live it. People will observe us and envy our joy at work, and quake in fear and be defeated by our productivity. For the old way of doing things doesn't cut it anymore. The Agile way is the appropriate response to our complex times.
Postscript: perhaps Agile is a passion? Ron Jeffries wrote: I've had people love me and had people hate me, and while I prefer the love by a wide margin, I kind of prefer either to indifference. Because I'm not about making indifference, I'm about making a difference. That's what I think this movement is about: making a difference. That's what I want it to be about: making a difference. Count me in!