Appreciative Inquiry course, day three

The first two days of the AI course I'm attending were a whistle-stop tour through the field using a mixture of practice and theory. This third day was different, much more of an examination of the values of AI and how they can be applied in everyday work situations to reframe "deficit-oriented" questions within this "strength-oriented" approach. (The theory behind why these reframings are so effective is social constructionism, which stresses that "we see what we describe rather than describing what we see".)
In one exercise we tried to write a pithy explanation of exactly what AI is. We came up with these words (my editing):
Appreciative Inquiry is a process and philosophy for personal and organisational growth, underpinned by research in the fields of social and behavioural psychology. It allows us to understand more about what we do by asking about how things are when they go well, and what might be possible if we did more of those things, more often. What's special about AI is the way
it connects respectfully with peoples' hopes and dreams to unleash a positive and creative energy for change.