[grid::fatherhood] (sort of)

Two ways of saying the same thing?

  • Not surprisingly, there are plenty of reasons for male hesitation when it comes to committing to partnering and parenthood. (Via Alan Francis)
  • You know what? Boo [censored] hoo. Being a parent means, to some extent, suppressing your personal needs, desires, and expression for the good of your children. That’s pretty much A-number-one on the list of job requirements... Your child is not perfect. Parenthood is not a sun-filled meadow of joy. Raising children is not easy, and it isn’t a smooth ride, and you aren’t going to make the best decision every time. There are diapers to change, mouths to feed, tantrums to weather, and sleepless nights to endure. You don’t get to be yourself any more, not completely. Not the way you used to before the baby. That isn’t how it works. Furthermore, you are not uniquely suffering, because this is how it’s been since humanity became sentient, and definitely how it’s been since civilization emerged. So deal with it. (From Eric Meyer)