If software coaches were more like sports coaches...

The analogy between software coaches and sports coaches is sometimes overstretched. But what if software coaches were more like sports coaches?
Well, prescribing a healthy diet and modest exercise regime would probably help boost the brainpower of most software teams. As would ensuring a reasonable amount of sleep: so no more all nighters, less caffeinated drinks, and get out of the bar before it closes please.
Sports coaches also organise and oversee group practice sessions (refactoring today, FIT tests tomorrow perhaps?) to improve the team's performance - as well as catching injuries or dips in form as early as possible. They determine who makes the grade from the squad on to the team, only selecting the best and most motivated players to improve the chance of a good result. Perhaps these techniques could be made to work for software teams too.
But I think that the best thing software coaches could learn from sports coaches is that they need to know what makes their players individual: their personality, their circumstances, what spurs them on and what holds them back. As deMarco and others have been saying for years now, maybe treating team members as people is the key to getting the best performance.